Come and enjoy an individual bungalow or get a bed in our dorm directly at the shop on the beach. You will be by the sea 24/24 enjoying our great chilling areas and barbecues on the beach. Private terraces and hammocks will make your stay here great vacations

Basic bungalows:

Wooden bungalows, ceiling fan, Bathroom and showers to share
Individual: 800 pesos per night / 5000 pesos per week
Dorm: 400 pesos per night / 2500 pesos per week

Bungalow Basic Asia
Bungalow Basic Asia
Bungalow Baic Twin Asia
Bungalow View

Comfort bungalows:

AC, private bathroom and hot shower
1500 pesos per night / 8500 pesos per week

Bungalow Comfort Asia
Bungalow Comfort Asia
Bungalow Comfort Asia
Bungalow Comfort Asia

We have 2 comfort bungalows and 4 basic bungalows available