We have a huge selection of the latest freediving (apnea) technology and quality apnea equipment from the leading brands available for retail sale or rental use. The Freedive HQ team can accommodate your equipment needs and offer helpful suggestions and professional advice on which gear is right for you

Equipment room

    When arriving at Freedive HQ, you will be given your freediving equipment for the duration of the course or program, and a nominative basket to store all of your equipment. No need to look around every morning. Our huge equipment room allow you to be comfortable and have lot of space for your personal equipment as well


    Our Air-Con classroom will make it comfortable to follow the courses. In Freedive HQ, we have all the latest equipment to go deep into the knowledge of freediving: Spirometer to measure Lungs Volume, Oxymeters to measure your heart rate and blood saturation, Endometer to watch live the inside of your ears, 3D models for a better visualization of all the important body parts for freediving etc….

Stretching deck

    Our 27msq wooden and covered stretching deck by the sea will make your morning stretching or yoga sessions a pure moment of enjoyment. You will become flexible in no time

Freedive HQ Shop

    If you want to invest and get your own freediving equipment of quality, our shop can provide you most freediving equipments. Low volume masks, Freediving long fins, Silicone and rubber freediving weightbelts, Freediving buoys, Noseclips and Freediving wetsuits