Freedive HQ Training in Asia

In Freedive HQ we propose the best freediving (Apnea) training programs with the more up to date techniques. Each session includes an instructor to take care of your set-up, safety and coach you. Whether you are beginner of already expert Freediver With a daily 300m depth access just in front of the shop, we are recognized to be a depth training facility with some of the best diving conditions in Asia. All of our instructors are deep divers and train regularly. They will be happy to share their techniques with you. We also practice swimming pool and dry training. Equipment is included in all our courses and training sessions. Choose from all of our packages and get to train in a top Freediving facility


    You’ll be freediving with a world class instructor when you freedive with Thibault. Not only can he freedive to a breathtaking depth of 100 metres (FIM), but he was selected for the AIDA French team for the 2015 World Championship where he came 9th in the Free Immersion discipline and won the Triple Depth competition in the same year. Thibault is here to make sure you have a great, relaxed experience, and with plenty of fun

Depth Access

    With over 300m depth 200m away from the shop, Freedive HQ is the perfect place in Asia to work on your depth and benefit from the experience of our instructors and long term training students.

Top training Facility

Advanced Freediver 2
    With many top athletes coming by to train or do workshops (Annelie Pompe, Akim Adhari, Alexey Molchanov, Tomoka Fukuda, Stephen Keenan etc….), Freedive HQ is recognized as one of the top training facilities in Asia. Conditions make it possible to train for depth all year-round (Here with Vincent Mathieu, Static World Champion)


    We have access to a great gym, 15 min bicycle from the shop where you will find all the machines, cardio or weights, to complete your freediving training. The Gym is also offering Yoga classes and is equipped with Sauna, Showers and Stretching place


    Watch Thibault’s performance in Freedive Panglao’s challenge 2016